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Customer Comments

What Customers Say About Us...

A few exerpts from our customer comment book in our lounge area...
We love your feedback and comments!

"To all in the Compounds & Crossbows family. We hobbled in (a family of 4) and purchased our bows from here. Right away we was welcomed with warmth. We have and continue to have a Great time here, as a family. We will continue to come back and either have fun or to blow off a little stress. The one thing we know about this place is we will be back time and time again." - The Myles Family

 "This store is awesome!" - Anonymous

"I think this is the best range set up I've seen - great people - great prices." -Anonymous

"I love this archery center! The quality, service, and staff here is very friendly. I've improved so much thanks to you guys. Have a great Easter." - Abby Stewart

"This is the coolest place everyone is kind and willing to answer questions and teach you how to use your bow. I will be a returning customer as will my husband and daughter."- E Cobb

"This place is awesome. This is my first time here and it was awesome and I am only 9 but I sill can like it. It's a great range set up!" - Anonymous

"This place is great! Always feel welcome you have a great range to shoot. Absolutely love this place 1----10...20!! :) Thanks for everything! :)"  - <3 Maddie and John

"It feels very " Home Sweet Home" like." - Garrett

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